We’ve been getting requests recently. Most people ask us if we could upload [ONLY YOU] with English subs. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but it’s impossible. Unfortunately, ever since Japan has signed the ACTA agreement, new videos are going to get blocked right away. Believe us, we’ve been trying to upload it 3 times. Therefore, if you want to watch [ONLY YOU] with English subs, we remind you that it’s available on our facebook channel(^_^)

By the way, did you watch the [One of a Mllion] livestream last week? When showing the music video of [refrain], they used YouTube and chose our English subs!! We felt deeply honoured.

The video we attached, is a short extract of that stream. It’s only miku, Aki and Sato attending, the guy on the very right is the host.  Please enoy ^____^!!