Heat wave.

Akira here.

It is really hot those days!!
Of course, summer has started. But, still.
I prefer spring (´_ゝ`)!!

The work is doing okay. However,
quite busy as usual. Much things to do.

Lc5 released [Angel or Devil]. But, it already
sold out everywhere. On Monday, I went to ask.

Nao-kun had been busy but, he subtitle the comment
now. Therefore, it be upload this week.

Sleepless. Maybe play a game now m(__.__)m




A new comment

マナちゃん here.

As Akira has told you before I found some old Lc5 comment
on my PC.
Actually, it is a comment having streamed online in winter,
but almost nobody heard about that plus nobody uploaded
it on Youtube.

I had some exams the past week, so I had to study but I'm gonna
email him the comment now.

Have a nice evening and thanks for so many Youtube subscriptions☆