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official twitter

マナちゃん here.

Long time no hear^_^!!

I just wanted to tell you that we opened a TWITTER :D!!!

follow us: http://twitter.com/lc5subs



Lc5 video channel

マナちゃん here.

We recorded Lc5's livestream yesterday!!
Unfortunately, we only got the video and not the sound.

Do you still want us to upload it?


Happy Halloween!!

In Japan, few minutes after Halloween ended. お疲れ様!!

Nao-kun and I was out on Halloween party!!
However, we must work tomorrow so we not stay all night. It was fun!!

We have great news for you:
1. half-drunk Nao-kun (really!! haha!!) promised to drink much レッドブル and finish sub the rare comment tonight!!

2. we got all our tickets for December and, January Lc5 concert!! Furthermore, we got the confirmation it possible to hand, personally!!

However, we must ask you this:
please help us promote the fan project!! Tell your friend, in your blog etc. BUT!!!
NOT tell any member of Lc5/Ancafe or other Japanese cafekko.

It is surprise from fans outside Japan. If tell, no surprise!!





マナちゃん here.

Our first newsletter was outboxed yesterday!! I hope you all got it?
And help us promoting the project?

Anyways, for those who haven't subscribed or heard about the project yet I'm going to explain it now:
Akira and Nao-kun are Japanese and got the idea for a worldwide fan project
for Lc5. Since they are living in Japan, they want to deliver it on a concert. It will be for CHRISTMAS, so time's running out.
It's not sure if they'll be doing it since it doesn't make any sense if just a couple of
people are taking part. Therefore, we want to ask you to help us promoting.
You can do it wherever you want: facebook, google+, email, blog or other things.
More information for the ones taking part only, so please email us: lc5subs@gmail.com

I've got a Kanji test at university soon, so I have to keep studying...

See ya.. m(__.__)m



マナちゃん here.

First of all thank you to all who already subscribed to our newsletter^__^!!
(For those wo haven't but want to: just send us a short e-mail!!)

Then, we got an offer from Youtube to monetarise our videos.
That means there'd be some ads before it starts and we'd get
money for that.
However, we do not own any rights on the videos except our translation
and therefore we won't do this; it's illegal.

Another topic...university can be really tirering m(__.__)m!!

See ya☆


Akira here.

I am sorry for not writing, for long time!!
We was very busy, but discussed about our project alot.

Now, we proudly present new offer: news mail.

It is, we send you e-mail regularly with updates!!!
If you want, just give us a short e-mail: lc5subs@gmail.com

Also, Nao-kun told me he will finish, sub the comment before Halloween and,
he is sorry for taking so long!!




Akira here.

I just, looked Youtube.

202 subscribers!!


THANK YOU so much!!!



Heat wave.

Akira here.

It is really hot those days!!
Of course, summer has started. But, still.
I prefer spring (´_ゝ`)!!

The work is doing okay. However,
quite busy as usual. Much things to do.

Lc5 released [Angel or Devil]. But, it already
sold out everywhere. On Monday, I went to ask.

Nao-kun had been busy but, he subtitle the comment
now. Therefore, it be upload this week.

Sleepless. Maybe play a game now m(__.__)m




A new comment

マナちゃん here.

As Akira has told you before I found some old Lc5 comment
on my PC.
Actually, it is a comment having streamed online in winter,
but almost nobody heard about that plus nobody uploaded
it on Youtube.

I had some exams the past week, so I had to study but I'm gonna
email him the comment now.

Have a nice evening and thanks for so many Youtube subscriptions☆


Long time no see!!

Akira here.

Sorry for not writing for long time.
But, it was quite busy.

Many people ask about upload a live.
However, there is no DVD yet and, we are subtitle team.
It means, we upload whenever there is talk of members.
If we upload a song only, SONY will delete sooner or later.
Therefore, it is the PV, documentary, making of and comment only.
However, if there is a talk on DVD, we upload, too.
Youtube give 2 chances. If SONY delete the song often the channel
will be deleted.

Please understand it.



From ★☆

It's マナちゃん

Today it's a month since we registered on Youtube
and we've already got 116 subscribers..

I really don't know how to thank you all♥


THANK YOU for 100 subscribers!!!

Akira here.

I've just seen we have, 100 subscribers on Youtube.

I can't believe!!!




rare Lc5 comment ♭♭

It's マナちゃん again^_^!

Tomorrow university's going to start again...
I don't want (笑)

But anyways...
While cleaning my laptop's drive I found a VERY rare Lc5 comment
from last fall. If you want I can ask Akira and Nao-kun to use it
as next subbing video★


☆ [Lc5] documentary #3 ☆

It's マナちゃん again☆

Yoshi, my friends finally uploaded the third documentary. Sorry for the delay☆


Akira says hello

Finally, I write again!! I am sorry that we not have posted the last week, but I had no time to correct the translation (>_<).
I will correct now!!





Okay, that was Chinese ww.
I was on a friend's birthday party yesterday and the photo was taken on my way back home (^_^)
But I look so tired on it... makes me ugly (T____T)

Well, I'm gonna translate the 3rd documentary now and email it to Akira later, so you'll have it soon




おはー m(__.__)m




funny singles

Yoshi, it's マナちゃん again.

My copies of the new single 「refrain」 finally arrived. *happy* (*^_^*)

Therefore we'll be able to share subs with you pretty soon.
Please be a bit more patient, okay ^_^?

By the way, the STORY Making of is one of the funniest things I've ever seen (laugh).. Be curious!!

Well then, see ya soon & バイバイ (*^_^*)

BY THE WAY: it's our translation corrector Akira's 27th birthday today (25th)!!


~About me~


Tomorrow is my birthday!- The age is new one!!

We get many mails asking about me. Because, Nao-kun already introduced and Manachan have another blog. Now, I will introduce myself^____^

name: Akira 「輝」
age: 27 (from tomorrow)
sex: male
birthday: 03/25
favorite food: miso soup, takoyaki, sweets
hobby: play the guitar and the bass, karaoke, meet the friend, sleep

I have no girlfriend.
Nao-kun and I were on same High School. We met in the soccer team!! Because, I was an 3rd year student when he enters the High school.
Nao-kun and I met Manachan on Internet in 2007 and often hang out when she live in Japan.
I like Visual Kei. And Ancafe, since the first performance in 2003. Same Nao-kun (Manachan 2004).

If you want know more, ask^_^



customs problems

It's マナちゃん

My copy of refrain is in the customs at the airport since 3 days (-__-)... I ordered it via EMS, so WHY is it still there? It says that the express services are the first ones to get checked...And I never waited for so long...

Therefore I called the customs this morning. They told me that the postal services chooses the packages to check and gave me the local airport telephone number of it. After 20 minutes finally someone picked and asked me for the tracking number. He explained me that it seems to be inside the customs at the moment and they have too many packages for too less workers to check. When I told him I REALLY need it tomorrow, the worker asked for my telephone number and said that he's going to try to get it out of there today.

I hope it will work..

making of

It's マナちゃん

We finally managed to finish the 「Loveless Video Clip Making」 (as it is called on the DVD).

We hope you'll enjoy it and the documentary #3 and STORY Video Clip Making will follow soon (^w^)

See ya♥


WOW!! Thank you so much!!

Last week, we was #62 most subscribed the week in Japan.
This week, we already got this:

#33 - most subscribed  (this week) - Japan
#3 - most subscribed (this week) - broadcaster - Japan
#17 - most subscribed (this month) - broadcaster - Japan

Thank you so much, we can't believe (*_*)!!

Please, keep support us and tell your friends so we even get a higher award (laugh)
[Lc5 Loveless Making come tomorrow. documentary #3, STORY making follow soon!!]


About me:

Hi^__^!! I'm the corrector or friend 1, Akira. Nao-kun and me friend for a looooooooong time back in High School m(__.__)m. . We like An Cafe since they formed in 2003. We meet Manachan in 2007. She likes An Cafe since 2004.
I like karaoke, singing, play bass and guitar, meet the friend, sleep and much more. My favorite food, the miso soup and sweets. I live in Tokyo, Japan.


[Lc5] documentary #2 (1/2)

It's マナちゃん.
The first part of the 2nd documentary is available for streaming ^______^!!
We're sorry to not be able to provide you both parts together, but Naokun's video editing programme was being funny and decided not to go any further (-__-)...
We'll probably be uploading some time on Sunday!!

Sorry for the delay m(__.__)m




友達1 here.
The translation is finished by マナちゃん, now I will proofread. After, the translation is sent to the Nao-kun. Nao-kun, subs it.

It's マナちゃん again.

Our next sub will be [Lc5 documentary #2] from STORY. We're currently working on it, so please keep a look on our blog and Youtube from time to time :D

But since Nao and Akira are in Japan it might take longer than expected, since their internet line isn't working properly since the earthquake (it often gets cut off for no reason). Nevertheless we're giving effort to be able to finish it as soon as possible ^__^!!

By the way, isn't that photo adorable XD
It's a screenshot from the [documentary #2], in which Reo teases miku (laugh)



I'm Nao. I'm friend 3. No English, sorry.



[HQ] [HQ] [HQ]

, It's マナちゃん.

We just uploaded the sub of Lc5's 1st documentary today, please have a look at it:

Furthermore, our [refrain] subs are now available in HQ as well^____^!!!!

And please don't forget to subscribe the blog and Youtube plus to tell it your friends ;D


documentary #1

It's us again!!

It 友達1 writing.
Our the next project, the | Lc5 documentary #1 |

We finish soon!

Please stay tuned -> Lc5subs @Youtube

And tell the friend about us!!


A brandnew project - just for YOU!!

Hello ^_________^!!

Here speaks the Lc5subs staff team.
We currently are 3 members, consisting of a translator, a corrector and the person who subs and uploads.

マナちゃん translates
友達1 corrects
友達2 subs

Sometimes it may take some time to upload a video, because we have to do it via Skype since only 友達1 and 2 are in Japan at the moment.

We want to make Lc5 songs, videos and comments available to everyone in the world.

Our Youtube- channel is http://youtube.com/Lc5subs

If you have any special request, please let us know via Youtube or lc5subs@gmail.com

Of course you can also write here ^______________^!!

The staff

PS: Our first project, refrain PV, is already uploaded!!