マナちゃん here.

Our first newsletter was outboxed yesterday!! I hope you all got it?
And help us promoting the project?

Anyways, for those who haven't subscribed or heard about the project yet I'm going to explain it now:
Akira and Nao-kun are Japanese and got the idea for a worldwide fan project
for Lc5. Since they are living in Japan, they want to deliver it on a concert. It will be for CHRISTMAS, so time's running out.
It's not sure if they'll be doing it since it doesn't make any sense if just a couple of
people are taking part. Therefore, we want to ask you to help us promoting.
You can do it wherever you want: facebook, google+, email, blog or other things.
More information for the ones taking part only, so please email us: lc5subs@gmail.com

I've got a Kanji test at university soon, so I have to keep studying...

See ya.. m(__.__)m



マナちゃん here.

First of all thank you to all who already subscribed to our newsletter^__^!!
(For those wo haven't but want to: just send us a short e-mail!!)

Then, we got an offer from Youtube to monetarise our videos.
That means there'd be some ads before it starts and we'd get
money for that.
However, we do not own any rights on the videos except our translation
and therefore we won't do this; it's illegal.

Another topic...university can be really tirering m(__.__)m!!

See ya☆


Akira here.

I am sorry for not writing, for long time!!
We was very busy, but discussed about our project alot.

Now, we proudly present new offer: news mail.

It is, we send you e-mail regularly with updates!!!
If you want, just give us a short e-mail: lc5subs@gmail.com

Also, Nao-kun told me he will finish, sub the comment before Halloween and,
he is sorry for taking so long!!