Lc5 video channel

マナちゃん here.

We recorded Lc5's livestream yesterday!!
Unfortunately, we only got the video and not the sound.

Do you still want us to upload it?


Happy Halloween!!

In Japan, few minutes after Halloween ended. お疲れ様!!

Nao-kun and I was out on Halloween party!!
However, we must work tomorrow so we not stay all night. It was fun!!

We have great news for you:
1. half-drunk Nao-kun (really!! haha!!) promised to drink much レッドブル and finish sub the rare comment tonight!!

2. we got all our tickets for December and, January Lc5 concert!! Furthermore, we got the confirmation it possible to hand, personally!!

However, we must ask you this:
please help us promote the fan project!! Tell your friend, in your blog etc. BUT!!!
NOT tell any member of Lc5/Ancafe or other Japanese cafekko.

It is surprise from fans outside Japan. If tell, no surprise!!